Egyptian God Amon

Egyptian God Amon ( also spelled as Ammon, Amen, Amoun ) was one of the most important diety in Egyptian Mythology. Egyptian God Amon was worshipped mainly in Thebes. The meaning of the name Amun was derived from the name Amoun which means “The Hidden One”. He is often called the “the hidden one” which shows an association with invisibility. Gradually, as god of air, he became associated with the breath of life which created the ba (egyptian soul) in Thebes.

At the height of Ancient Egyptian Civilization, he was considered as the “King of the Gods.” Egyptian God Amun was important throughout the Ancient Egyptian history. He became even more powerful when he was combined with the Ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra. Amun was then called Amun-Re.

Representation of Egyptian God Amun

The picture above shows an image of Egyptian God Amun. He was depicted as a man with ram head wearing an ostrich plumed hat while holding a sceptre.