God of Creation, Atum

Ancient Egyptian God Atum, also known as Atem or Tem, is one of the most important deities in Egyptian mythology.  Ancient Egyptians believed that Atum was the first god to exist on earth. Having created himself, Atum was considered to be the first god who, sitting on a mound, arose from primeval waters.  As the head of the Ennead, Atum held the title of “Lord of the Limits of the Sky”.

Atum is portrayed as both the creator and father to the king and was believed to lift the dead king from his pyramid to the stars. At some stage, he was combined with the Egyptian god Ra in order to form a combined deity Re-Atum.

Representation of Atum.

Atum is usually portrayed as a man wearing the either royal head-cloth (the Nemes) or wearing the dual white and red crown of the Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt.  Atum also carries a tall cross which is the symbol of eternal life. Atum is sometimes shown as a serpent and occasionally as a lion, mongoose, lizard, bull, or ape.

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